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First, a reminder that January 8th has been declared National IMPEACH Guerrilla Action Day, and you can all blame Dem in VA for the scheduling!

Second, good news from the Western Front: the Freeway Blogger will be calling in reinforcements, having promised to get the word out to the troops there that Jan. 8th is (the first of many) D-Day(s).

Third, well, that's where you come in.

Are any of you regular callers to or participants in the Air America Radio shows or their corresponding blogs?

It seems to me that this is something they'd be naturally interested in, and could help us promote to the many millions of Americans who are just like we were last month. That is, dying for somebody else to say something so that we could join in.

Thankfully for us, we've become the people saying something, and it's felt great. It's liberated a number of us and helped us take what for some of us is our first steps into "real world" activism. Pretty painlessly, too, I might add. And I can't tell you how interesting and exciting it's been to read the volume of unsolicited e-mail I've gotten from people who tell me about the strange, tingly sensation they got from putting up their first signs and stickers. Almost universally, it's been something they've wanted more and more of, and have wanted to share with others.

So now's our chance to share it with a wider audience.

If any of you are regular callers or blog participants, I urge you to reach out and carry the message forward. There are millions more people awaiting the liberation you've enjoyed. But let's face it, they're not gonna come to Daily Kos to get it.

And while we're on the subject, you know, there are still thousands of Daily Kos readers who aren't coming into the IMPEACH diaries to get this message, either. I choose to continue using the IMPEACH title tag, for continuity's sake. But I also recognize that there's still a pretty solid core of "pragmatic" Daily Kos readers who simply won't venture into a diary with the word IMPEACH in it.

I can sympathize. I used to be one of them. Well, not really. I went into impeachment-themed diaries on occasion, to discuss the dynamics of impeachment, and some interesting alternative theories of impeachment like those proposed by my Next Hurrah blogmate and fellow Kossack, RonK Seattle.

That'll be a project for another day, though. That day might be tomorrow, of course, but for now, I just want to plant that bug in your ear. Think about ways to move those Kossacks who should be our natural allies to join us. I mean, Armando's still on the front page every day warning us just how ridiculously out of control the Bush "administration" is with respect to its use of the judiciary. How much more will it take before he realizes we're nearly out of options for putting a stop to this crap?

But of course, when the time comes, we'll be gentle about it. Because we're not looking for an argument. Even impeachment doubters know the value of seeding dissent. That's what we'll be looking to cultivate in them.

Anyway, back to the main point: The Call to Arms for January 8th.

Today's mission: Outreach to the Broadcast Community.

Who among us has any established contacts in the blogging communities that have grown up around the Stephanie Miller Show? The Randi Rhodes Show? Al Franken? Ed Schultz? The Majority Report? Others?

Anybody ever call in? Anybody participate in the affiliated blogs? If so, you're our (wo)man today. Can we count on you to carry the message out there? If so, say so! Post a comment and let us know you've got it covered.

Any volunteers for call-ins? We should hit each of these shows, and any others you can think of, with the basic message of the IMPEACH project, stressing how incredibly simple and liberating it can be to participate. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and some tape. Even if it's as basic as writing the word IMPEACH on a piece of paper and taping it up somewhere where others can see it, that's all that's necessary to participate.

That sounds to me like something these shows would love to promote. And we've got four more days to do it.

So, sign up, volunteers! The only thing you have to lose is... well, a couple of hours out of your life. Sometimes you can sit on hold for a while. But hey, there's also their blogs, and that you can take care of in half an hour or less, including registration if you've never posted there before. You can handle that, can't you? How about a little more today? Those phone calls sure would help.

Originally posted to David Waldman on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 08:36 AM PST.

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  •  Stay tuned ... (4.00)
    There's lots more preparation needed for January 8th. But if you can't participate (or can't get ready by then), don't despair. This doesn't end this weekend. The reality is that we should be doing this every day, so there will be lots more chances for us to put our hands in together and make coordinated pushes.

    This week will be about keeping our eye on the ball. And, of course, introducing new viewers to the game.

    The key message to keep in mind when evangelizing: THIS IS EASY, AND ANYONE CAN DO IT IN THEIR SPARE TIME.

    Remember, all it takes is a piece of paper and a pen.

    The burden of impeachment doesn't rest on your shoulders. All you're doing is sending a shout out to your fellow Americans who are currently stewing in silence. "We hear you, and we feel the same way you do. Come on out! It's safe!"

  •  At work or on road (4.00)
    So I probably can't call in.

    But with any luck I will be taking an Interstate across Illinois, and I plan to decorate rest stops as I go (Avery labels).

    I was just going to drive around town on the 8th and leave labels on shopping carts.  But I just put up some calendars, and they have this thin cardboard to stiffen them...hmmm...stencil...

    I'll let you know what I come up with!

  •  I'm a bit disappointed by the response... (none) far.  You know, only one person has contacted me as a result of your last diary.

    This started as a private discussion between me and another Kossack, and she mentioned it to KagroX.  Now I'm obligated to follow through!  ;-)

    We tentatively have about 6 folks who are interested in our sign-making and strategy session for Sunday.

    Let me make it more specific.  2pm in Falls Church near 7 Corners.  Email me for specifics.  My email address is in my profile.

  •  If you'll indulge me with one more ... (4.00)
    I thank all the people who have worked so hard on this. And I thank all of the people who have thanked me.

    Many have had a lot of kind things to say, among them that I have worked "tirelessly" on this project.

    But I am not tireless. I need help.

    Your help.

    Pretty soon, I'll have progressively (ha ha) less and less time to do this myself. And although I'll be working on another relatively high-profile (and equally progressive) project, it is my hope that I'll be able to continue helping to drive this one.

    Still, it can't be said enough times: This project needs no leadership. I'm not dragging people along with me. All this whole thing is about is the reality that what struck me as necessary has struck millions of you already, without my saying so. All this thing is is a bunch of people saying out loud what they think needs to be said.

    So if I could just have your confirmations today that there's some part of this task you'll commit to taking on, I'd appreciate it. And so will your neighbors.

  •  Adam B... I see you out there... (none)
    Sitting quietly in the recommend list!

    Everyone knows you're not crazy. Lend us some support. Drag us in a pragmatist!

    If you'll permit me to hazard a guess, I think you're here because you see the value of the "liberation" part of the project, even if you don't believe that impeachment will result. I mean, who knows? Maybe you do. But if I had to guess, I'd say that's it.

    Isn't that something you can convey to someone else here at Daily Kos -- even one person -- who has otherwise been uninterested in the project because they believe it's actually about the process of impeachment rather than the freedom it brings to be able to say the word?

    Bring me a big fish! Be a rainmaker!

    Let's put it all on Adam!

  •  I have been looking at vinyl banner material with (none)
    grommets at  

    Don't know anything about what kind of paint or ink to use on it, but could use string to tie it up.  I have found a couple places nearby to hang them that I think I could get to without being killed by traffic that lots of people would see.  

    Just an idea........

    •  Can I offer something simpler? (none)
      I spent the first few days of this project puzzling over where to get that kind of material, and how much it would cost.

      I had seen the Freeway Blogger's stuff, and figured that because it looked so good and was so well done, it had to be a professionally printed vinyl banner.

      The biggest revelation of this whole thing, to me, has been finding out that those signs are made of scrap cardboard boxes, duct taped together in back and painted white in front. The professional looking lettering is actually done by printing the message out on a transparency sheet that you can get at any office supply store and use on any home PC printer. Then, the Freeway Blogger just uses an overhead projector to enlarge the type against the cardboard, trace, the letters with a marking pen, and fill them in with paint on a foam brush.

      Apparently, the whole thing takes a total of about half an hour, and uses about 35 cents worth of materials. The cardboard is scavanged.

      Amazing use of time and free resources!

      And because the signs are made of cardboard, no grommets, twine or zip ties are necessary. They attach to chain link fencing quickly and easily with just a bungee cord or two across the back, and duct tape on the corners. Sometimes a few wire coat hangers duct taped to the back, with the hook parts twisted around the fencing. Easy as pie!

      We even have pictures of how it's done, if you need them!

  •  NEVER spend more than $1 on a freeway blog. (none)
    (Ignore my answer posted below Kagro X's below. This one is better developed, and posted as a reply to bdogz, in case he or she is watching new replies.)

    NEVER spend more than $1 on a freeway blog.

    There's a reason The Freeway Blogger christened this activity freeway blogging. Like Internet blogs, freeway blog posts don't last long -- it's all about placement. Just like a blog post on Daily Kos scrolls away fast but gets a huge amount of eyeballs in that time -- The Freeway Blogger is the Daily Kos of freeway blogging. (Scroll past the seven photos of California freeway blogs at the second bullet below for an idea of how the numbers work.)

    You should never spend more than $1 on a freeway blog -- 25¢ worth of paint, 25 - 50¢ for a bungee cord, and a few scraps of duct tape. See the fourth bullet below (PAINT Method...) for exactly how to do this.

    These blogs last hours, sometimes days, very rarely weeks. It's all about the number of impressions that they make.

    Click the first bullet in the scrollbox below. There's a photo there (that you can click to enlarge) of an IMPEACH freeway blog leaning up against a short retaining wall at the edge of a Safeway parking lot in the San Francisco Bay area.

    Doesn't look like much, does it? -- certainly not compared to the San Francisco photo above it.

    But it's really the perfect freeway blog: (1) it's invisible from the parking lot, and extremely easy to place (park and drop), (2) it would require a long detour by someone seeing it from the highway and wanting to remove it, and (3) it's getting a huge amount of hits from I-80.

    Click here and scroll down to the third photo -- that blog has been getting thousands of hits per hour every hour for five days (and still going today, perhaps, but if not, to replace it is a simple park and drop).

    Imagine the impact if ten people in your own locality could find just two or three such situations each and just keep them up with fresh posts.

  • How ONE Person Can Reach a MILLION People
  • IMPACT: The Freeway Blogger runs some numbers
  • LEGAL: You be careful out there hanging those signs.

  • PAINT Method: 4 simple steps (includes photos)
  • TAPE Method: easy hand-carry (includes photos)
  • FONTS: why you should use Times or similar

  • Site Selection (links to photos)
  • Placement Strategies (includes photos)
  • QUESTIONS?: contact your nearest group below
  • Kos said: Steal What You Want.

    by JohnT on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 02:40:20 PM PST

    [ Parent ]

  •  What about you, wanderindiana? (none)
    You once wrote about an argument we'd had, in a comment addressed to someone else with whom I was then arguing, that it took you a while to figure out what I was doing, and why I split hairs the way I did, but that in the end you realized what was beneath the surface of what I was saying.

    Isn't that something you could carry forward to someone else here? That there's more going on here than a discussion about actual impeachment, and that you needn't believe it'll actually happen to find value in the project?

    Don't you feel the same thing happening here as you discovered when you made that comment?

  •  freeway blogging groups just notified (none)
    I just sent this message to all 1091 members of the USA regional freeway blogging groups (except Minnesota, where my membership is still pending).

    You can confirm they received this message by clicking on any of the groups in the scroll-box below.

    A new Daily Kos diary is up NOW:
    IMPEACH: Jan. 8 Action Day, Help Wanted!

    "....Second, good news from the Western Front: the Freeway Blogger will be calling in reinforcements, having promised to get the word out to the troops there that Jan. 8th is (the first of many) D-Day(s)....."

    You can access it by double-clicking here:


    IMPEACH: regional freeway blogging groups growing
    For a good laugh, click Southern States - brilliant use of local demographics

    1091 Freeway Blogger Group Members in 15 Regional Groups

  •  A question on Impeachment? (none)
    Couldn't we get around the issue of congressional control?  BEcause I think there is a possiblity we could impeach Bush and Cheney, using the method to change the constitution that bypasses congress.
  •  not a regular at any of these but (none)
    willing to post on any blog you need to reach. Give me an assignment.
    hugs to all


    What Would Shirley Chisholm Do?

    by ricardo4 on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 10:30:04 AM PST

  •  On a semi-related note (none)
    The Impeach Project website is up as a starter site.  Please keep in mind this is very much a work in progress.

    Kagro X, please forgive ne for using your diary to post this comment.  I just wanted to give you all an update and some general info.

    • Photo Chain.  I have the Online Photo Chain copied and am working on uploading it to the new website.  Some of the thumbnail pics are no longer available at The Online Photo Chain.  

    • If your pic is missing, you need a place to host it, or you do not want it copied to the new site,  please send me the pic or just let me know that you don't want it on the new site.  impeach dash project at gmail dot com.  Thank you.

    • We have a basic web template. Nothing fancy, but at least some content on the site.   We still need a couple of volunteers who can do basic HTML and images. We aren't asking anyone to put in a lot of time, or work on any kind of schedule.  Anything you can do when convenient for you will get us that much closer to completion.

    • We also really need another web project person or two.  Someone who can check dKos and other impeachment sites and blogs for updates, new material, graphics, downloads (again, when you have time and at your convenience) and take care of that or pass it on to our existing web staff . . . . . Puckish and myself.  

    You don't need any web capabilities to just keep an eye out, so don't be shy.  We aren't going to turn away anyone willing to help.  

    Any and all volunteers, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, pics and participation are more than welcome.

    Thanks, everyone.

  •  couldn't post (none)
    got id on board but not allowed to post yet..sigh..will post as soon as possible. Did send an email with details and a link on Jan 8th. Someone had already described project on message board earlier. I will do some papering in the Greater East Lansing - Lansing Michigan area.

    What Would Shirley Chisholm Do?

    by ricardo4 on Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 11:13:45 AM PST

  •  I have an Impeach Bush corner if anyone wants it.. (none)
    Go to to get it.
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